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If you have Archer IRM running on-premise, you are probably aware that Microsoft Silverlight reached the end of support on October 12, 2021. This news affects you if you are running a version prior to 6.9. Read on to learn more about the change and how it affects your Archer instance.



As of fall 2021, Silverlight has been unsupported and will not receive any future quality or security updates. This disconnection implies that there is no longer support for browsers using the Mac operating system or Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and any other system previously supported by Silverlight. 

But don’t worry, there’s an easy solution: in response, Archer upgrades completely, transitioning out Silverlight. What’s more, the latest version of Archer includes many positive user experience changes, including increased user-friendliness, faster speed, and new features. Note that a few features are being retired, so ask your vendor about this before you begin. Need more reasons to upgrade? We’ve got them for you here. 

There are risks inherent in running outdated software: 

If your software is outdated, the biggest risk to you is vulnerability to cyberattacks, malware, and data breaches. Obsolete software can malfunction and can cause slowdowns, restarts and programs to close by themselves.  Updating the software will protect you with the latest security updates and bug fixes.

Another problem generated by outdated software is compatibility. Your Archer software was written based on the technologies, systems and hardware that were the best in operation at the time–but how long ago was that? Technology changes so rapidly that you really need to stay up-to-date with your versions to avoid losing optimal program functioning and back-end support. 

Archer 6.9 new features:

Here are the most notable 6.9 features:

  • Removal of Silverlight technology elements in back-office administration pages.
  • Enhancements for back-office administration functions. 
  • The application builder updates provide a revised user experience for building and managing applications, questionnaires, and sub-forms, including improved navigation and simplified rules and actions.
  • The data feed manager updates deliver administrative user experience advancements. 
  • New announcements capability
  • A security events report API.

How to Upgrade:

The most common reason why organizations haven’t yet updated their version of Archer is lack of time. If this is your challenge, too, take a look at our Archer upgrade service, which pairs you with anArcher IRM expert who guides your team through the upgrading process, ensuring that the Archer release version will support your business needs.

This upgrade service can be targeted to a single environment or it can be used as a broader effort to address an upgrade path for all of your organization’s development, testing, and production environments. Get more information and get started here.