An IRM solution purpose-built for IT security enables you to better manage and mitigate the risks your organization faces.
Equipped with this powerful platform, you’ll be far better equipped to:

  • Evaluate which assets are critical to your business
  • Establish and communicate security policies and standards
  • Detect and respond to attacks
  • Identify and remediate security deficiencies
  • Establish clear IT risk management best practices


There are a number of use cases we can implement to address your specific needs. Take a look:

  • Capture and consolidate issues that arise, including security incidents, failed or deficient internal controls and exceptions that require attention or escalation
  • Robust reporting makes it easy for the board and all levels of management to understand the full scope of outstanding issues, priorities and remediation timelines
  • Assess and report on the performance of controls across all IT assets
  • Automate control assessment and monitoring
  • Implement a centralized system to catalog IT assets for compliance reporting
  • Establish a system of record for documenting IT controls.
  • Quantify the financial risk exposure to cybersecurity events
  • Make more informed decisions at all levels regarding risk and security investments
  • Centrally catalog organizational and IT assets
  • Establish business context that drives incident prioritization
  • Implement processes designed to escalate, investigate and resolve declared incidents
  • Bridge the gap between security operations teams and IT and the business
  • Enable security managers to stay on top of the most pressing issues
  • Take a big data approach to identifying and prioritizing high-risk threats
  • Proactively manage IT security risks by combining asset business context, actionable threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment results and comprehensive workflows
  • Catalog organizational elements and IT assets for IT risk management purposes; includes a risk register to catalog IT risks, prebuilt risk assessments for IT, a prebuilt threat assessment methodology and a catalog to document IT controls
  • Streamline the payment card industry (PCI) compliance process
  • Automate assessments
  • Reduce the effort required to comply
  • Efficiently conduct continuous assessments
  • Gain the visibility needed to manage and mitigate risk
  • Equips you with tools and capabilities to document external regulatory obligations that impact your IT and sensitive data environments, allowing your organization to keep pace with changing business and IT compliance risk.
  • Effectively manage the entire policy development lifecycle process
  • Easily manage corporate and regulatory policies and ensure alignment with compliance obligations using the framework for establishing a scalable and flexible environment
  • Out-of-the-box content includes the most current security frameworks and control catalogs
  • Identify, document, and manage the appropriate CMMC practices and processes required for improved cybersecurity hygiene for storage and management of CUI (controlled unclassified information) data, to help meet the challenges of CMMC certification.
  • Quickly scope your information security management system and document your Statement of Applicability for reporting and certification purposes.
  • Centrally track any issues identified during assessments to ensure remediation efforts for gaps are consistently documented, monitored and effectively addressed.


Ready to modernize and mature your IRM solution? Karta Ascend is how we consistently deliver well-designed solutions on-time and on-budget—and how we avoid the pitfalls and pain you may have experienced elsewhere.

  • Proven process
  • Deeper technology expertise
  • Excellent customer service
  • Always competitive pricing


We build IRM solutions on two world-class enterprise platforms: Archer and Onspring. Both are highly configurable, and continuously improved with new features and functionality. As part of our process, we’ll recommend which platform is the best fit with your requirements, business maturity and current and future states.

By specializing in just two software platforms—not the long list that most companies try to manage—we know them better than anyone else and can build smarter solutions for you as a result. What’s more, our entire team re-certifies at the highest level possible every year to ensure your IRM solution employs the latest features and functionality. With Karta, you can rest assured that your IRM solution uses the software to the very best of its ability.


Ready to learn more? A live demonstration tailor-made for your use cases will give you a much clearer understanding of the impact a modern IRM solution will have on your organization. It’s also an easy way to get your questions answered and discuss next steps.

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