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With the convergence of IT and OT systems, the attack surface is wider than ever before and it’s easy to get blind spots. Meanwhile, according to Spiceworks, cyberattacks targeting OT systems are on the rise: about 80% of OT environments were nailed by ransomware scams last year.

Tenable.ot is a security solution for the modern industrial enterprise and it’s one of the best tools available for your industrial control system and/or NERC compliance requirements. It gives you the ability to identify your assets, communicate risk and prioritize action, all while enabling IT and OT teams to work better together. Take a look:

Tenable.ot is a great solution for most organizations and was lauded this year by both Forrester and Frost & Sullivan. Here’s why:

  •  Supports more than 90% of programmable-logic-controller products
  •  Has a full integration with other Tenable products
  •  Integrates with industry-leading enterprise IT security products

Read more about it here in our solution brief. And book a one-on-one with our ICS/OT system consultant to get all of your questions answered.

Tenable.ot Solution Brief

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Karta is a sister company of ComplyTec Inc. We specialize in software solutions and professional services for the electric utility sector and compliance management practice.

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