Managing multiple types of risks in different business silos, and assessing risks using separate methodologies and measurements, leaves risk management teams overwhelmed, and decision makers unequipped to make sound decisions. A modern IRM solution gives you an aggregated view of your risk posture, and a central place to monitor, evaluate and respond to these risks. It also engages all stakeholders in risk mitigation practices, including decision makers who can access real-time data.

Whether you need a new solution designed and implemented, or if you want to improve your existing Archer or Onspring ERM software, we can help. We also offer a Quick Start ERM solution, which is an affordable “in a box” setup for organizations not requiring a customized solution.


There are many aspects of enterprise and operational risk management that we can improve with an IRM solution. Take a look:

  • Capture and consolidate risks that exceed acceptable levels and need to be addressed, failed or deficient internal controls, key indicators outside boundaries and loss events requiring remedial actions
  • Catalog internal and external audit findings, regulatory examination issues and management self-identified issues
  • Establish accountability for problem resolution
  • Track remediation plans against commitments and due dates
  • Record and track risks across your enterprise
  • Establish accountability by business unit and named first line of defense manager
  • Get a multi-level rollup of risk, from a granular level up to enterprise risk statements
  • Document risks and control procedures
  • See risk register statements through a two-level risk hierarchy
  • Easily produce enterprise-level risk statements
  • Capture and inventory actual loss events, near misses, and external loss events that may be relevant to your business and industry
  • Establish and monitor metrics related to risks, controls, strategies and objectives.
  • Monitor quality assurance and performance. By associating metrics with other elements of a GRC framework, such as products, services and business processes
  • Engage in targeted project risk assessments, including fraud assessments or assessments of new or changing products and services, business processes, mergers or acquisitions
  • Easily document the projects
  • Create questionnaires using out-of-the-box questions or customize them for your unique
  • Get a better handle on risk and control registers, loss event documentation, root cause analysis and workflow review and approval.
  • Risk hierarchy roll-up and risk library
  • Key indicator management, including a key indicator library and approval workflow
  • Top-down and bottom-up risk assessments
  • Issues management
  • Risk self-assessments campaigns such as control self-assessments, risk & control self-assessments and process, risk & control self-assessments


Ready to mature your IRM solution? Our Karta Ascend is how we consistently deliver well-designed solutions on time and on budget—and how we avoid the pitfalls and pain you may have experienced elsewhere.

  • Proven process
  • Deeper technology expertise
  • Excellent customer service
  • Always competitive pricing


We build IRM solutions on two world-class enterprise platforms: Archer and Onspring. Both are highly configurable, and continuously improved with new features and functionality. As part of our process, we’ll recommend which platform is the best fit with your requirements, business maturity and current and future states.

By specializing in just two software platforms—not the long list that most companies try to manage—we know them better than anyone else and can build smarter solutions for you as a result. What’s more, our entire team re-certifies at the highest level possible every year to ensure your IRM solution employs the latest features and functionality. With Karta, you can rest assured that your IRM solution uses the software to the very best of its ability.


Ready to learn more? A live demonstration tailor-made for your use cases will give you a much clearer understanding of the impact a modern IRM solution will have on your organization. It’s also an easy way to get your questions answered and discuss next steps.

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