Karta is a sister company of ComplyTec Inc. that specializes in IRM software solutions and professional services. Karta officially launched in early 2022 after over 20 years of operating under the ComplyTec name, where our IRM experts worked in parallel with IT security experts. By forming Karta, we can better serve you, our clients, by being laser-focused on the solutions, services and content that are relevant to you.


Karta Ascend is the formula we use to consistently deliver well-designed solutions on time and on budget.

Proven process

Deep technology expertise

Curated IRM solutions


Good people


Building and growing an IRM solution is a journey that’s unique to every company. Our role as your partner is to make the journey easier.

Our name and brand concept are about this journey, too—how we help you navigate risk and ascend to a place of better compliance, one that’s easier, more thorough and more efficient. Our team loved the parallels with the sport of climbing. We hope you do, too!

If you’re wondering about our name, Karta, it’s inspired by the Greek word for map: chártis. It is also a nod to our founder and the head of Karta, Vid Kartavicius. Karta is a sister company of ComplyTec, where our IRM offering got its start. In 2022, we moved our IRM solutions and services to Karta so that you, our integrated risk management customers have our undivided attention and focus. Today, we’re one of only a few companies that wholly specialize in IRM solutions and services. We’re exceptionally proud of this and the many other ways we stand apart.


Our IRM solutions on Archer and Onspring are delivered by a talented team of IRM software and project management experts with decades of combined IT project experience, providing you with strategic and reliable expertise. We are here to guide you through your implementation and help you make the best decisions for your organization.

You can count on us to take your IRM program to the next level.

President, Karta Corp.

Vid Kartavicius

Vid is an accomplished executive with over 20 years’ experience in the Compliance and Risk Management industry. As President of Karta, he works with organizations to develop, implement and sustain technology solutions that manage risk and compliance.
Jonathan Kitchen, Karta
Vice President of Solutions and Service Delivery

Jonathan Kitchin

For over 15 years, Jonathan has guided integrated risk management (IRM) teams to sustainable and long-term success. His tenure as a member of the original Archer Technologies team included successful consulting engagements with multiple Fortune 100 companies and the opportunity to deliver in-person Archer training across the globe. While serving as an independent IRM consultant, Jonathan deployed the very first Onspring customer solution and authored its first training class. His experience also includes information security and risk management leadership roles at U.S. Bank and BriteCore, a leading provider of policy administration systems for mutual insurance companies. At Karta, Jonathan is responsible for our professional services practice and the development and enhancement of our solutions.
Director, Customer Experience

Julie Albertson

Julie has more than a decade of IRM/GRC experience in the energy and utility sector, technology, retail and more. She. has a proven track record of enhancing client experiences with IRM/GRC technologies, ensuring project success and long-term satisfaction. With a strong foundation in strategic thinking, communication, and agile methodologies, Julie excels in driving continuous improvement and innovative problem-solving and developing strong, lasting customer relationships.
Head of IRM Business Development

Paul Blood

For 30 years, Paul has participated in business development with an IT focus. He has developed custom software, evaluated third party packages, refined workflows for operational efficiency and set strategic business direction. During his years in the industry, he was CEO and Founder in a multi-branch IT staffing firm with several of the largest Insurance, financial services and manufacturing companies. Prior to joining Karta, Paul headed business operations at a GRC/Archer solutions provider for six years. At Karta, Paul is head of IRM Business Development.
Director, Product Marketing & Strategy

Katie Wilcox

For more than a decade, Katie has demonstrated considerable versatility and leadership in GRC/IRM technology across multiple industries, including electric utilities, government, insurance, financial services, retail more. Katie has developed external solutions as a software provider as well as internal solutions, managing implementation projects across organizational teams. Pairing her technology experience with a proven history of communications and messaging, Katie leads Karta's product marketing and strategy function, ensuring Karta meets our prospects and customers with clear content and the right solutions to help them work at their best.
Sr. Service Delivery Manager / Archer Consultant

Angelo Capone

Angelo is an RSA Archer professional consultant with over 20 years of experience in Information Technology. During his 20 years, Angelo comes with a diverse understanding of security, integration and implementation experience, helping customers integrate new technologies into their environment. With Karta for the last 5 years, Angelo is both an implementation specialist and solution developer of the Archer platform, including developing and delivering our NERC Compliance Management solution for electric utilities.


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